the Bathroom Guy when he sees a zombie in front of him.

The Bathroom Guy, played by Mike White, was a survivor of the initial outbreak.During the first days, he was working at his gas station and was killed by a zombie while he was in a bathroom stall.Before the apocalypse, he worked at a gas station as a cashier and was victim to a con by Wichita and Little Rock, believing Wichita had lost an engagement ring which she said was "worth more than my car," but was instead a fake $30 ring. He paid out $400 to Little Rock after she pretended to find it on the ground and said he would FedEx it to her should he find it, evidencing he was rather dim. Ironically, the gas station he works at is the same station Columbus mentioned in the beginning of the movie when stating his "Beware of bathrooms" rule.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if he figured out that the ring was fake.
  • He appeared to have been unaware of the zombies, as he mistook the approaching zombie for a person.