Type Weapon:Submachine Gun

Country of Origin:Germany

Caliber:HK 4.6x30mm

Mag Capacity:20,30,40 Round Detachable Box Magazine

Introduced In:2001

Service Length:2001-Present



The MP7A1 is a Submachine Gun designed, developed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) and MP (MachinenPistole). The weapon fires a HK4.6x30mm round which was exclusive to the MP7 when it was first introduced. It is also a select fire weapon which means it can be Semi-Auto, 3 Round Burst and Full-Auto fire. It is very compact and light, as well as very accurate.


Tallahasse in the film Zombieland uses the H&K MP7A1 for killing off many of the zombie hordes in Pacific Playland and he also fires off a few rounds in the air when he and Colombus find the yellow Hummer with a large dufflebag of weapons.


Tallahassee firing off his H&K MP7A1 against a horde of zombies

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