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Little Rock

Little Rock

Little Rock
is younger sister to Krista.

Appearance Edit

Little Rock appears to be somewhere between her early teens and teens. She has dark hair, and is fond of hats. Her choice in clothes appears to be in favor of shirts with stripes with a jacket of some kind for colder weather.

Personality Edit

Little Rock is the spunky little sister of Wichita, played by Abigail Breslin. A cunning twelve year old, she is proficient with firearms (claiming to have attained this due to playing "[All those] violent video games", and often catches Columbus and even Tallahassee unaware on several occassions. Despite her fortitude for survival, Little Rock's youth is still apparent in a number of instances throughout the film, as evidenced by her obliviousness as to who certain political and religious figures are, as well as her enthusiasm towards visiting Pacific Playground. 

Relationships Edit

Little Rock has a very close bond with her older sister, Wichita, assisting her in pulling off numerous cons before and after the Zombie Apocalypse. During the course of the film, Little Rock develops a sort of father-daughter relationship with Tallahassee, and comes to acquire some degree of respect for Columbus after he saves her and Wichita from a horde of zombies during the film's climax.

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