Wichita aka Krista

Well, better you make the mistake of trusting us than us making the mistake of trusting you.- Witchita

Wichita (played by Emma Stone) is Little Rock's older sister and Columbus' love interest. Her real name is Krista. She is the only one of the four main characters to reveal her real first name.


Wichita is a young adult with long dark hair with bright blue eyes. When it comes to clothes, Wichita loves to dress in dark shades or simply black, usually a black leather jacket and black leather boots. She is very attractive, and it is revealed that she used her good looks to con men. She has a goth look to her. She is also shown to hold a chainsaw in the movie cover, but never uses a chainsaw in the entire film, even in flashbacks (only Tallahassee uses one in a flashback).


Wichita, as Columbus describes her, "isn't your typical stuck-up bitch." Much like Columbus, she is clever, devoting all her free time before the Apocalypse to conning men out of money by using her looks. When the disaster hit, she and Little Rock were left alone; she took charge, never wishing to be questioned. Wichita's lack of trust beyond Little Rock increases, leading to initial conflict between the sisters, Tallahasse and Columbus. Though Little Rock describes Wichita's romantic preference along the lines of 'bad boys', Wichita eventually develops feelings for Columbus, to the point in which she reveals her true name, Krista, to him by the end of the film. yea


Little RockEdit

When it comes to Little Rock, Krista always has her best interests at heart, wishing nothing more than to grant her even a short period of time where she can. She is always protective of her, pointing a gun at Tallhassee when he reclaimed his gun from Little Rock. When it comes to things Little Rock doesn't know about, Krista will say it's because of her young age.


Despite seeing him as nothing more than a target in the beginning, Krista began sympathizing with him when she told him about his home town being destroyed. She offered him the chance to go off alone to see for himself, but he stuck with her. When she got drunk at Bill Murray's mansion, she danced with him and almost kissed if it weren't for Tallahassee interupting them. After being rescued from zombies at Pacific Playland, Krista revealed her real name and they kissed.


Krista doesn't get along with Tallahassee well, often being at odds with him. They constantly bicker over what to do in a situation, but she will listen to him when it comes to having fun; they destroyed a gift shop to let off steam.